A partnership aims at establishing collaboration with third party integrators, who provide technical and project management expertise for MonetDB implementations, to create synergistic solutions, to share reselling or value chain integration, to conduct joint product development.

A typical MonetDB Integration project will involve an implementation team, comprising at least one MonetDB Solutions consultant, one or more client-focused technical staff, one or more client business specialists, and a project manager (either from MonetDB Solutions or a third party resource).


Reduction of general costs. Business partnering can be cheaper and more flexible than a merger or acquisition, and can be employed when a merger or acquisition is not feasible.

Business partnering increases the "competitive advantage". The direct benefits of Business partnering consists in a greater competitive advantage through the co-operation (the co-operative advantage) and even better opportunities of revenues, occupation and investment in the sector of application.

Business partnering creates a no more traditionally-based solidarity or "organic", but a rationale form of "mechanic solidarity". Partnering takes a new approach to achieving business objectives. It replaces the traditional customer-supplier model with a collaborative approach to achieving a shared objective; this may be to build a hospital, improve an existing service contract or launch an entirely new programme of work. Essentially, the Partners work together to achieve an agreed common aim whilst each participant may still retain different reasons for achieving that common aim.

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