QuickScan Consultancy

The QuickScan Consultancy service aims at providing instant educational, diagnostic, emergency patch or performance assessment support using email, Skype and phone calls. MonetDB Solutions offers a pre-paid consultancy ticketing system coupled with named individuals in your organisation.

MonetDB Solutions' per-hour pricing model gives you budgetary flexibility, savings, and protection. It avoids the common per-server or support contracts, which often lead you to buy yearly services you never end up using. Ultimately, it is the human interaction needed to deal with an incident or to acquire the expert advice to proceed, regardless whether it concerns a single multi-socket server or a deployment of tens of virtual servers.

How it works:

  • A pre-paid ticketing system helps you acquiring the proper budget within your organisation to guarantee a timely service. Small companies or individuals may budget on a few hours, while others are bound to acquire budgets with several months in advance. During system development, you might need more budgets for support than when the system is deployed.
  • The pre-paid consultancy time is deducted each time you issue an email request, phone, or Skype session in decrements of 5 min.
  • You will be notified per e-mail if the remaining consultancy time is less than 4 hours.
  • Phone and Skype session calls are scheduled through the email incident handling. Skype sessions also allow us peeking over your shoulder (using shared desktops) to help solving the issues.
  • All pre-paid service contracts are dedicated to named individuals in your company to ease monitoring of service spending.
  • MonetDB Solutions connects you to the same consultant as often as possible to improve a personal working relationship. The named subscribers are our sole point of contact for spending your budget.
  • MonetDB Solutions primarily consults on the use of the MonetDB suite, leaving consultancy on the application stack to local service providers or OS dependencies to the Cloud provider, without charging your account.
  • If the incident requires more than 4 continuous hours of work, we'll first request you approval, and/or possibly recommend you to turn the QuickScan into a regular consultancy project.
  • Zero-commitment, no obligations contract. If you decide to walk away, we'll reimburse the remaining deposit made unless we haven't heard from you within a year after the latest deposit was made.

Pricing Scheme:

The pre-paid price as of January 2020 is €200.- per hour (excl. VAT/sales taxes), with the following discount scheme:

#Hours prepaid Discount
1  -  50 0%
51  -  100 5%
101 - ∞ 15%


To reduce administrative hurdles, we require a minimal of 40 hours for each purchase. The service contract starts 24 hours after the receiving of the pre-payment and the signed QuickScan Service Conditions Agreement. To purchase pre-paid QuickScan service hours, please contact us.

DISCLAIMER: the QuickScan service does not include any development of MonetDB enhancements, software migrations, or any other time consuming activities. Those are best arranged with corresponding consultancy services or Turnkey Project.