Turnkey Project

The Turnkey Project service aims at providing customised MonetDB feature enhancements, maintenance services and in-depth consultancy services that typically require more time and human resources beyond what a QuickScan service can handle. The scope of this service includes (but is not limited to):

  • Performance Assessment

    In depth performance analysis using MonetDB’s performance assessment tools to pin possible client interaction, client interference, and kernel bottlenecks.

  • Architectural Review

    Analyse MonetDB for relevance, viability, support, product lifecycle, needed capabilities and available tools for your application infrastructure, such as Business Intelligence, Service-oriented Architecture integration and dynamic Cloud infrastructure.

  • Proof-of-Concept (POC)

    The POC service aims at developing a prototype software system using MonetDB, to assess and demonstrate the feasibility of the envisioned system. Such a project is typically conducted in collaboration with third-party software system integrators.

  • Feature Enhancement

    As an open source software, MonetDB is transparent and user-driven, meaning that users have much more involvement in and influence over development, including which features get prioritised. The Feature Enhancement service aims at meeting customers' requirements to extend MonetDB with desired features within a guaranteed time period. A discount over the total cost of a Feature Enhancement Turnkey Project can be earned by customers who contribute the products of the project to the open-source releases of MonetDB.

  • Substitution & Migration

    Conducts formal opportunity assessments around the viability of MonetDB to address common enterprise data analytics scenarios. Helps clients deciding whether and how systems should be migrated in whole or in part to an open source stack, or sustained as-is.

  • Emergency Patch

    For mission critical software issues in MonetDB, the Emergency Patch service offers the possibility to resolve the issues with a higher priority than the open-source ones. Based on customers' needs, guarantees can be given to diagnose and/or fix issues within the desired time period, and extra installers can be provided outside the standard release cycle of MonetDB.

The Turnkey Project Service Conditions Agreement applies on all Turnkey Projects. For further information and an offer, please contact us.