Operate your solution in the Cloud

Get started fast. With our cloud solutions you can quickly have an environment ready for your needs. Our cloud distribution has both MonetDB and the R statistical analysis suite pre-configured, ready to load your data and answer your queries.

Docker. You can run MonetDB with R integration in a Docker container. In addition to running an image on your machine or in a data center, you can deploy the container on AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Public cloud.  In the near future, our packages will also be available in the Amazon Web Service Marketplace - optimised to run in the cloud.

Try it out. Our pre-packaged solutions are now available as VirtualBox image. It's simple to use, with a few clicks you have an instant data analytics appliance, just add data. There are no limitations or restrictions on how you use it. You can run them both on your desktop or in a private datacenter.

Need assistance? If you are looking to build your own customised deployment, contact us and we can help you make a solution, tailored to your needs.