Engage with the pioneers

Data warehouse and business intelligence applications stress contemporary database technology. A modern column-based, in-memory optimised, relational database management system is called for. MonetDB is the pioneering open-source solution developed by our core team and the database research group at CWI.

Why MonetDB?

For analytical workloads (OLAP), MonetDB typically performs 10+ times better than traditional open-source row-store database systems. Fast query responses means that you get answers faster.

When your database grows into millions of records spread over many tables, the column-based MonetDB database system provides a scale up solution, without requiring substantial hardware investments.

ACID transactions
MonetDB is a fully-fledged relational database management system. This means you get the performance advantages for analytical queries, without relaxing transactional restrictions.

Open-source advantage
Open-source has become the driving force behind many enterprise IT innovations, operational effectiveness and business value creation. MonetDB provides significant cost saving, while maintaining high software quality with leading edge technology.

MonetDB is the most widely used open-source column-store developed by a world renowned team since 1993. Many research institutions and enterprises have chosen it, with 300,000+ downloads spanning 130+ countries.

Standard compliance

In addition to being SQL:2003 standard compliant, MonetDB ships with the industry standard ODBC/JDBC drives. This make integration in any workplace a breeze, as one can plug in a large number of tools and get instant access to their data. Business intelligence and data analytics within seconds.


Key Features

  • High performance
  • Columnar storage
  • SQL:2003 compliance
  • Full transaction support
  • GeoSpatial support
  • Multiprocessor optimised​
  • In-Memory optimised
  • Compressed data layout
  • Stored procedures/UDFs
  • Bulk data loading support
  • Backup/Restore support

Main Distributions

  • RHEL/CentOS/Scientific Linux
  • Fedora
  • Debian/Ubuntu
  • Solaris
  • Windows
  • Mac OS X

 Programming interfaces

  • Python
  • Ruby/Rails
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • C/C++
  • JavaScript/Node.js
  • R